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Scar removal or revision

Expert Witness on scars: 4 ways an expert witness can support lawyers in the courtroom

Scars are often the result of a healed wound from an injury, accident, or surgery. If you’re lucky, your scars may only be temporary and can fade away with time. But when a scar heals poorly or comes from a major injury or deep wound, then it can take permanent residence in your body.

Even if they heal completely, most scars can still leave an unsightly and disfiguring mark on someone’s face or body. As a result, this can affect one’s emotional and mental well-being, as well as their quality of life. It can also become a financial problem, especially if the patient is a victim of a car accident or medical malpractice. 

So if your client sustained a severe injury that’s not their fault, which left them scarred and disfigured, then you can definitely use the help of a plastic surgeon expert witness. 

A plastic surgeon expert witness can strengthen your case. So, here’s how our expert witness in plastic surgery for scars in Miami can help win your scarring and disfigurement case or lawsuit:

  • An Expert Witness provides medical credibility

It takes years of diverse experience and education to become a plastic surgery expert witness. So, having one in your legal team lends a lot of credibility to your side. 

Moreover, expert witnesses can give opinion evidence within their expertise based on their past experiences. This means that their insights and opinions bear a lot of weight inside a courtroom and can make or break a case.

For example, an expert witness plastic surgeon can give you information on the extent of scarring your client sustained. This includes future surgical procedures or potential problems the scar tissue may present over time. This information can then aid a lawyer in determining the amount of damages that their client can recover. 

  • An Expert Witness helps jurors understand the complexity of scars

Scar formation that resulted from malpractice or auto collisions is much more complex than they seem. There are different types of scarring depending on the severity, site of trauma, and size of the wound. There’s also a lot that goes on in revisioning a scar, especially if it left the victim severely disfigured.

With all of the medical jargon and complex processes involved, it can be hard to explain everything in front of the jurors, but not if you have an expert witness.

Besides providing their medical expertise, an expert witness can relay the technical details of the medical case in plain language. They can expound facts and break down complex information in a way that lay people can easily understand. Additionally, an expert witness can help prove the points you are making in a comprehensible way.

Furthermore, a medical expert can also help you and your client understand the medical processes involved in the case. They can give relevant information regarding complications or other medical concerns that the victim may encounter with their scar.

  • An Expert Witness knows the damages that comes With scars and disfigurement

Besides physical disfigurement, scars can also cause emotional and psychological damages to one’s well-being. It can create feelings of shame, social anxiety, reduced confidence, and extreme sadness. Moreover, scars attained due to accidents can trigger a victim’s traumatic experience every time they see the wound or get asked about it.

An expert witness recognizes these psychosocial issues that come with scarring and disfigurement. They have the proper training and significant experience to understand these damages and recommend medical interventions to stave them off.

Knowing these psychological burdens can also help the client get compensated over the loss of quality of life on top of other damages they suffered. With the help of an expert witness, you can present this in court to strengthen your case while also helping your client get the psychological help they need.

  • An Expert Witness can provide insightful assistance

Consulting with a plastic surgery expert witness can help you and your client piece together thorough and accurate litigation. They can aid in clarifying medical-related information, thus expediting your case preparation. Besides their testimony, an expert witness on scars can provide you several services to help with your case, such as:

  • A complete and thorough medical evaluation of the victim.
  • A review of medical records and examinations done on the victim.
  • Treatment recommendations, such as reconstructive surgery for their scar or disfigurement.
  • Assessment of long-term effects of the scar, including the future healthcare services that the victim may need.
  • An estimate of medical expenses associated with the scar treatment. Scar removal or revision can cost between $500 to $4000, depending on its size and complexity.

All of the information above is significant in building a solid and factual case in favor of your client. It can also help give justice to the victim and provide them with the compensation they deserve.

Scar removal or revision

Get your Expert Testimony on scars by consulting with Dr. Thomas Zaydon

Dr. Thomas Zaydon is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been helping patients for over 25 years now. He is an active member of numerous professional associations, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Zaydon had served as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense and reviewed many liability cases around the country. He has years of on-the-ground work experience in scar tissue revision and removal, making him a reliable and credible expert witness plastic surgeon.

His medical qualification, years of experience, and reputation for fairness make him a force to be reckoned with. 

Besides serving as an expert witness, Dr. Zaydon also offers his expertise in other plastic surgery specialties, such as:

If you are seeking reparations for your client, then you can get the support you need by contacting us at (305) 856-3030. You can also visit our website to know more about Dr. Zaydon’s certifications, current medical positions, and achievements. 


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