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Facial Reconstruction

The face is absolutely vital to human appearance and function. It allows us to differentiate one person from another, and to express emotions and thoughts. The face is also anatomically complex; it includes skin, muscles responsible for both gross motor function and subtle facial expression, a complex bony structure, and vital sensory organs. 

Injuries to the face may compromise the patient’s ability to breathe, see, speak, hear, eat, interact with others and may involve damage to the central nervous system.

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What’s the difference between cosmetic surgical procedures and facial reconstruction?

The term “plastic surgery” originates from “plastikos,” a Greek word meaning “to mold” or “to form”. The field of modern plastic surgery can be divided into two main categories: reconstructive procedures of anatomical defects and cosmetic procedures (aesthetic enhancement) of normal form. Source. Both categories are considered subspecialties of plastic surgery.

Facial plastic surgery

This is performed to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. The surgeon reshapes and adjusts tissues to make the face visually more appealing.

Cosmetic surgery is not considered a medically necessary procedure. This is an important point to ponder for insurance purposes. Facelift, lip augmentation, eyelid surgery, or rhinoplasty are examples of popular facial plastic surgery procedures performed for aesthetic reasons. 

Considering Cosmetic Surgery? For more information please visit our page: Facial Plastic Surgery Miami

Reconstructive plastic surgery

On the other hand, reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to restore the form, function and normal appearance of the face, head, and neck. Reconstructive surgery is often considered medically necessary and is covered by most health insurance plans. 

This medical procedure aims at correcting deformities caused by: 

  • Trauma to the head, face or jaw – this group of injuries includes sport-related injuries resulting from contact sports such as football, baseball, hockey, etc., car and motorbike accidents, falls, animal bites, assaults, explosions, burns and other injuries;
  • Tumors (or deformities caused by surgery aimed at treating tumors), infections;
  • Congenital defects and deformities.

The aforementioned causes are likely to affect the appearance and function of structures of the face/head: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, cheeks, scalp and neck.  Because of the highly individualized nature of reconstructive surgery, the entire reconstructive process may require several stages to obtain the most optimal result. 

Restoring the appearance and function of your face through reconstructive surgery can significantly improve your self-esteem and confidence.

If you or someone you know are in the need of facial reconstruction in Miami, look no further. Dr. Zaydon can help you bring back the functionality and appearance that you once had.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Miami – the correct board certification matters! 

Regardless of the type of plastic surgery you or your loved ones require, it is vital that prospective patients ensure their plastic surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

According to the current regulations in the United States, it is possible that a physician advertising as a “cosmetic surgeon” has not completed a formal plastic surgery training in an accredited program, simply because he or she is not required to. 

That means that any physician trained in any medical specialty may wish to perform cosmetic surgery and if they decide to do so, as little as a weekend course may be “sufficient” to be able to legally perform complex and demanding procedures like breast augmentation. At Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami we do not support such practices. 

Always select a doctor who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This way you can rest assured your surgeon has completed the necessary training and has the experience and expertise needed to perform your surgery safely.

Reconstructive facial surgery in Miami – Further Information

If you have any more questions, please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zaydon – our board-certified reconstructive plastic surgeon in Miami. 

Gallery: Facial Reconstruction 

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Listed below are many of the insurance plans accepted by our practice: July 2020

AARP                                                            GREAT WEST LIFE                                                               TRICARE HUMANA

AETNA BETTER HEALTH                            GROUP HEALTH INCORPORATED                                   UNITED HEATLH CARE 

AETNA (ALL PLANS)                                   GULFSTREAM                                                                      UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE

AFFORDABLE                                               HEALTH ACCESS                                                                USA NETWORK

AMA                                                              HEALTH ADVANTAGE                                                       VISTA

AMBETTER                                                   HEALTH ONE                                                                      WELLCARE

AMERICAN HEALTH                                    HEATLH OPTIONS                                                             ZENITH INSURANCE

AMERICAN NATIONAL                               HEATLH SUN                                                                      ZURICH AMERICAN

HUMANA (ALL PLANS                                INTERGRATED ADMINISTRATORS)                                 

AMERICAN POSTAL                                    INTERGRATED  HEATLH

AMERICHOICE                                             JIPA                                                                

AMERIGROUP                                              JOHN HANCOCK

AMERIFIRST                                                 KEY HEATLH PLANS

ANTHEM                                                      LIBERTY MUTUAL              

AV-MED (ALL PLANS)                                 MAGELLAN

BEECHSTREET                                             MAILHANDLERS

BLUE CROSS (ALL PLANS)                         MEDCONNECT

CARDINAL HEALTH                                    MEDICA HEALTH

CARE ACCESS                                              MEDICARE

CARE NATIONAL                                         MMM HEALTH PLAN

CARE PLUS                                                  MOLINA  HEALTHCARE

C2C SOLUTIONS                                        MULTI PLAN

CENCEO HEALTH                                       MUTUAL OF OMAHA

CHAMPUS TRICARE                                   NATIONAL CHOICE CARE


CIGNA (ALL PLANS)                                   NETWORK BLUE

CLEAR ALLIANCE                                       ONE HEATLH PLAN

CORVEL                                                      ONE PLUS

COVENTRY                                                 PARTNER CARE

DEVOTED Health Plan                             PHYSICIAN UNITED PLAN


EVERCARE                                                 PREFERRED MEDICAL PLAN

FCCI INSURANCE                                     PRESTIGE

FIRST HEALTH                                          PRIVATE HEALTH CARE

FLAMEDCO                                               PRUDENTIAL



FLORIDA PLUS                                          STAYWELL                                                    


FLORIDIAN CARE                                     SUNCOAST

FORTIS                                                      SUNSHINE MEDICAL

GALLAGHER BASSETT                            TRAVELER’S

GHI                                                            TOTAL HEALTH CHOICE

GLOBAL HEALTH                                     TRICARE HUMANA                                                   

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