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A facelift will lift your sagging cheeks, smooth your jaw line, and eliminate jowling. Plastic surgery of the face will also tighten the loose skin of your neck, remove excess fat from under our chin, and correct the turkey-gobbler appearance of your neck. You may want to consider Skin Care, Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peel, and Dermabrasion to complement a facelift because they address these problems. There are some people that are interested in gaining the benefits of a facelift, but unwilling to undergo surgery. For them, instead of a facelift, there is a procedure called Thermage.

Incisions and Scars from a Facelift

Most scars from a facelift are hard to see once they heal. Scars will extend from above your ear, down the front of your ear, around your ear lobe, up the back of your ear, and into your hairline behind your ear. There is another incision beneath your chin. Your scars can be camouflaged with make-up within three weeks and should fade beyond detection in one to three months.

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