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What is an Expert Medical Advisor? What is a Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon Expert Medical Advisor?

If you have ever been involved in a workers compensation case in Florida which has been litigated, you may have come across the term ‘Expert Medical Advisor’. This article aims to explain what an Expert Medical Advisor is, their role, and also how this applies to plastic surgery.

What is an Expert Medical Advisor?

An expert medical advisor (EMA) is specific to the Florida Workers’ Compensation system. The role of an EMA is “to provide expert medical consultation, opinions and testimony in disputes regarding care or compensation for Florida’s injured workers.” (Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.)

Here are some of the primary duties and responsibilities of a plastic surgery expert medical advisor:

  • Settle disputes between two parties by providing unbiased opinions and expert analysis on a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Thoroughly evaluate the initial medical exam performed by an authorized physician or the party’s independent medical examiner. 
  • Give expert testimonies based on facts but only within the scope of one’s expertise. 
  • Protect employers and insurance companies to ensure that medical treatment is not overly excessive beyond what is required to return the employee to their original pre-injury condition.
  • Protect employees by ensuring that they receive the proper medical treatment and workers’ compensation that they deserve.

To put it simply, EMAs provide an expert medical decision to help judges determine what treatment is necessary to treat an injured employee. Their job is to resolve any discrepancies or conflicts in the analysis of the court’s authorized physician and the other party’s IMEs.

Either party may request an expert medical advisor. But typically, a workers’ compensation judge will order an EMA when doctors involved in the case disagree on the medical evidence, further treatment needed, and a worker’s ability to return to work.

What is an expert medical advisor plastic surgeon?

Expert Medical Advisors can be doctors of any specialty which applies to a workers’ compensation case. This is also applicable to a workers’ compensation plastic surgeon. In cases which require an expert medical opinion regarding a work-related injury which may – or may not – require plastic surgery, a Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon Expert Medical Advisor can be called upon.


An example may help illustrate this: If a fast food restaurant employee were to burn his hand at work, he might require medical treatment. If this case were to become litigated – with the employer and the employee (or his attorney) – disagreeing about the amount of medical treatment required, then a plastic surgery expert medical advisor may be called upon to provide an expert opinion.

Where can I find an expert medical advisor plastic surgeon?

Dr. Thomas Zaydon is one of the leading cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons in Florida. He is a board-certified physician in several specialty areas and has been working as an expert medical advisor plastic surgeon in a number of workers’ comp cases. 

Thomas Zaydon, M.D. has many years of experience serving as a workers’ compensation plastic surgeon expert medical advisor. Read more about Dr. Zaydon’s role as a workers’ compensation plastic surgeon or Contact Dr. Zaydon’s office.

With his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Zaydon is also a qualified physician in several law-related practice areas of plastic surgery. This includes:

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