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Ear Surgery


Otoplasty, the correction of prominent or protruding ears, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures that is performed to correct developmental abnormalities from birth. Dr. Zaydon is particularly interested in the correction of prominent ears and performs otoplasties or “ear pinning” on a regular basis.

There are several anatomical features that cause the protrusion of the ear.
They are the lack of development or partial development of the antihelix, or a deep concha (cup) of the external ear. In most patients there is a combination of both of these features that may need to be adjusted during the otoplasty. Both of these problems will add to the protrusion of the ear, which is the distance from the edge of the helix (the ear rim) to the mastoid (the skull behind the ear). The normal distance of this measurement is about 1.8 cm.

Operation: The nature of otoplasty plastic surgery procedure varies, depending on the problems that must be corrected. These problems, as noted above, include: a deep cup of the ear (concha), a lack of development of the fold in the ear, and various cartilage abnormalities. All of these will be corrected during surgery.

Repair torn earlobe

Torn earlobes occasionally occur as a result of sport injuries, personal injuries, and or work related and auto injuries. However, the good news is that they can be repaired. If the injury is sustained at work, then a Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon such as Dr. Zaydon is able to assist. However, depending on your specific circumstances, your personal or auto insurance may be able to cover the cost of the repair. If you are not sure, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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