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Thomas John Zaydon MD FACS

Plastic Surgery Consultant

Thomas Zaydon, M.D. – Plastic Surgery Consultant

Dr Thomas Zaydon img aboutAs a very qualified Board Certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Zaydon is well-positioned to act as a Plastic Surgery Consultant. Plastic surgery consultancy is provided in several different formats, including acting as a Plastic Surgery Expert Witness, a Plastic Surgery Expert Medical Advisor, as well as performing Independent Medical Evaluations and Peer Reviews.

For specific information about each of these roles, please read the descriptions below and click on the links for more detailed information.

As a plastic surgery expert witness, Dr. Zaydon provides expert testimony for legal cases which involve plastic surgery. When a case becomes litigated, expert witnesses may be called to provide testimony. Such witnesses are usually selected on the basis of having sufficient qualifications and experience of that particular medical specialty. Thanks to Dr. Zaydon’s considerable experience, combined with his Board Certification and other qualifications, he is often called upon to provide expert testimony. Read more about Dr. Zaydon’s role as a Plastic Surgery Expert Witness.

Plastic Surgery Expert Medical Advisor (EMA)

When a workers’ compensation cases in Florida becomes litigated, and two doctors disagree on a particular point, then a third doctor may be called upon to provide an expert opinion. This role is specifically for workers’ compensation cases in Florida. It may seem strange that plastic surgery is at all involved in a work-related injury, however state laws require workers compensation insurance to return an injured employee back to their pre-injury state. This also applies injuries which result in permanent scarring, such as cuts and burns. For such injuries, a plastic surgery can be required. For cases which are disputed, a workers compensation expert witness may be called for expert testimony. Read more about Dr. Zaydon’s role as a Plastic Surgery Expert Medical Advisor.

For cases where someone (often an attorney or insurance company, but not necessarily) would like an independent medical opinion about a medical case, they may ask a doctor to carry out an “Independent Medical Evaluation” (IME). As the name suggests, this should be done by a doctor who has hd no previous history with the patient, in order to ensure it is truly independent. An IME usually includes not just a review of the patient’s history and records, but also a physical examination. It is, therefore, differentiated from a Peer Review insomuch as the doctor performs an in-person medical evaluation for the patient. Read more about Plastic Surgery Independent Medical Evaluations.

A Peer Review is very similar to an IME, however the key difference is that the doctor does not see the patient. For this reason, it is also sometimes referred to as a “Paper Review”. The doctor reviews the medical records and provides an opinion based on the records. Read more about Plastic Surgery Peer Reviews.



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