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Plastic surgery refers to a medical specialty that uses invasive procedures to change, repair, or restore a person’s appearance or body function. Its main goal is to correct body parts or areas that have become dysfunctional due to trauma, birth disorders, diseases, and burns. 

All of these reconstructive and cosmetic procedures may only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

After gaining significant clinical experience and knowledge, a plastic surgeon can also opt to become a plastic surgery consultant in Miami, like Dr. Thomas Zaydon.

As a very qualified Board Certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Zaydon is well-positioned to act as a plastic surgery consultant. 

Plastic surgery consultancy is provided in several different formats, including serving as a Plastic Surgery Expert Witness, a Plastic Surgery Expert Medical Advisor, as well as performing Independent Medical Evaluations and Peer Reviews.

For specific information about each of these roles, please read the descriptions below and click on the links for more detailed information.

What Is a Plastic Surgery Consultant?

Generally, a consultant in the medical field refers to a doctor who has higher expertise or seniority than general or primary care practitioners. They are doctors who specialize in a specific area of medicine, such as plastic surgery.

Furthermore, consultants are medical practitioners who have gained ample clinical experience in the medical field through years of clinical work, training, and additional education. 

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How to Become a Plastic Surgery Consultant?

Before becoming a plastic surgeon consultant, you must first accomplish more than ten years of education in medical school. Consultants start their medical training the same way as all other doctors一and that’s by finishing 4 to 5 years of pre-medical education or obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. 

Here are the detailed steps of what goes next to become a consultant in plastic surgery:

  • obtain a doctor of medicine degree

After finishing your undergraduate studies, one must obtain a doctor of medicine degree. This will take at least four years, precisely two years of medical education and another two years for clinical rotation.

  • earn a medical license

Next is to pass the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) to earn a medical license. This allows you to become a licensed physician or practice medicine legally.

  • finish a residency program 

This includes three years of clinical rotation in general surgery followed by at least three years of residency training in plastic surgery. The plastic surgery residency program requires you to go through clinical rotations in the plastic surgery department of several hospitals. 

  • complete a subspecialty fellowship 

This one-year program allows you to specialize in one or more of the several areas of plastic surgery. This includes cosmetic surgery, microvascular reconstruction, hand surgery, and more.

  • obtain a certification from an accredited organization 

Such board certifications will help signify your expertise in a specific specialty or subspecialty. Some examples of particular certification a plastic surgeon must obtain include:

  • American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) certification
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) certification

After completing all requirements and credentials, you must then work in accredited or state-licensed surgical facilities and hospitals. This will enable you to gain enough experience in plastic surgery while also continuing your medical education through training and seminars.

After gaining superior clinical experience and knowledge, you may now consider a path towards plastic surgery consultancy. A wide range of expertise and clinical experience is a huge part of becoming a consultant. So it’s crucial to earn significant years in your practice to establish a career as a plastic surgery consultant in Miami.

What Does a Plastic Surgery Consultant Do?

Basically, a consultant can still legally perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in hospitals and accredited facilities. Additionally, they can still opt to see patients on a daily basis, diagnose diseases, plan treatment strategies, and monitor postoperative prognosis. 

However, consultants can also opt not to do this medical practice and just focus on their consultancy. Being a plastic surgeon consultant means other doctors can refer you to their patients who need specialized care and treatment.

For example, a general practitioner can refer you, a consultant, to their patient because they lack the necessary skills and training to treat a particular condition. They can also get your help to verify a diagnosis or get your second opinion on a specific surgical case.

Furthermore, plastic surgery consultants also help in the legal side of the fence. They can serve as expert witnesses, medical advisors, or peer reviewers. Here’s an in-depth look at each of these ventures:

An expert witness is a professional who has expert knowledge in a particular area or element involved in a crime or lawsuit. This type of witness gives out their expert testimony by interpreting the facts of the case and testifying in court about their honest opinion on it.

As a plastic surgery expert witness, Dr. Zaydon provides expert testimony for legal cases which involve plastic surgery. When a case becomes litigated, expert witnesses may be called to provide testimony. For example, a consultant such as Dr. Zaydon can be presented as an expert witness to evaluate the cost of reconstructive surgery that you need due to a car accident.

Such witnesses are usually selected based on having sufficient qualifications and experience in that particular medical specialty. 

Thanks to Dr. Zaydon’s considerable experience, combined with his Board Certification and other qualifications, he is often called upon to provide expert testimony. Read more about Dr. Zaydon’s role as a Plastic Surgery Expert Witness.

Plastic Surgery Expert Medical Advisor (EMA)

When a workers’ compensation case in Florida becomes litigated, and two doctors disagree on a particular point, then a third doctor may be called upon to provide an expert opinion. The role of an expert medical advisor is to resolve controversies or disagreements between two opposing parties’ medical examiners. Additionally, an EMA’s opinion will need to be given the legal presumption of correctness unless convincing evidence has been brought forth to disprove it.

This role is specifically for workers’ compensation cases in Florida. It may seem strange that plastic surgery is at all involved in a work-related injury. However, state laws require workers’ compensation insurance to return an injured employee to their pre-injury state. 

This also applies to injuries that result in permanent scarrings, such as cuts and burns. For such injuries, plastic surgery can be required. For disputed cases, a workers compensation expert witness may be called for expert testimony. Read more about Dr. Zaydon’s role as a Plastic Surgery Expert Medical Advisor.

For cases where someone (often an attorney or insurance company, but not necessarily) would like an independent medical opinion about a medical case, they may ask a doctor to carry out an “Independent Medical Evaluation” (IME). 

As the name suggests, this should be done by a doctor who has had no previous history with the patient in order to ensure it is truly independent. One of the main goals of an independent medical examiner is to issue an unbiased statement to resolve claims and legal conflicts efficiently. 

Typically, the attorney of an employer or an insurance carrier may request an IME to determine the cause and extent of your medical condition regarding a workers’ compensation claim. This medical evaluation may also be used to identify the medical treatments you need, their costs, and your ability to return to work.

An IME usually includes not just a review of the patient’s history and records but also a physical examination. Some of the specific procedures and tasks an examiner will perform are as follows:

  • Reviewing the patient’s medical history, injury report, and official statement.
  • Physical examination of the affected body part only. 
  • Accomplishing a signed release of information.
  • Asking specific questions related to your injury, accident, or condition.

As such, it is, therefore, differentiated from a peer review in so much as the doctor performs an in-person medical evaluation for the patient. Read more about Plastic Surgery IME.

A peer review is very similar to an IME. However, the key difference is that the doctor does not see the patient. For this reason, it is also sometimes referred to as a “Paper Review.” 

In a peer review, the consultant plastic surgeon reviews the existing medical records and provides an opinion based on the statement. These medical opinions can include prescription use, treatment requirements, the extent of functional impairment, restrictions, and limitations. Read more about Plastic Surgery Peer Reviews

About Dr. Zaydon and His Role as a Plastic Surgery Consultant

Dr. Thomas J. Zaydon of Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is a board-certified reconstructive plastic surgeon. His years of experience in the medical field allow him to practice consultancy work to provide expert opinions in peer reviews, IMEs, EMAs, and expert testimonies.

Additionally, Dr. Zaydon provides quality services and care as a workers compensation plastic surgeon. Patients, employers, insurance carriers, and attorneys can contact us to learn more about Dr. Zaydon’s consultancy work or reconstructive surgical services.

Plastic Surgery Consultant Dr. Zaydon

The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE, and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.



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