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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the very most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Through placement of breast implants, women have been able to achieve changes in their figure (breast enlargement / breast enhancement) that otherwise would have been impossible.

Breast augmentation surgery will not improve nipple asymmetry, move your breasts closer together, lift droopy breasts, or remove stretch marks. In order to determine whether breast augmentation surgery is for you, you must weigh the possible breast augmentation risks and the benefits too. This site will explain a lot about breast augmentation surgery, including silicone gel breast implants, cost of breast augmentation, and recovery of breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation before and after photos of others who have had breast augmentation surgery are helpful, but nothing compares to using sizers to help you select implant size. Along with the all-important size decision are several other decisions about implants you and your plastic surgeon will need to make before surgery. Take your time with these pages, as they contain a lot of helpful information.

Some people choose to use boob job to describe this operation, but we prefer breast augmentation, which is the professional term used by plastic surgeons and patients alike.

Finally, for those of you who are curious, find out what Dr. Zaydon’s patients are saying about them.

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