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Le Fort Fractures in Car Accidents: How Plastic Surgery Can Help

Car-crash related injuries are common in the United States, with approximately 3 million non-fatal injury cases every year. In 2016, over 290,000 crash victims were given emergency medical treatments secondary to motor vehicle crash injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Le Fort fractures are included in the list of fatal injuries. They refer to facial trauma sustained from a blunt force to the face. The common causes of Le Fort fractures include motor vehicular collisions, falls, and assault.

These injuries can lead to facial disfigurement and life-threatening injuries that need immediate medical attention. A plastic surgeon in Miami who deals with scars from car accidents also mentions that patients have to live with unsightly facial scars after the accident, which can affect their psychological well-being.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery has revealed that Le Fort fractures are more common in men in their 30s. With people adhering to the use of seat belts, cases of chest trauma from impact with the steering wheel has been reduced. However, the trend has then shifted to facial trauma.

Types of Le Fort Fractures

Le Fort facial fracture classification was named after René Le Fort. In research he published in 1901, he identified three predictable patterns of facial fractures depending on the direction and magnitude of blunt forces:

Le Fort I (Floating Palate)

This facial fracture has a horizontal pattern affecting the maxilla, or the upper jaw bone. It leads to the separation of the teeth from the upper face. There is swelling of the upper lip and teeth become mobile.

Le Fort II (Floating Maxilla)

This fracture has a pyramidal shape and results from a blunt force to the lower or mid maxilla. The base is at the teeth and the apex is at the bridge of the nose. The middle of the face becomes mobile.

Le Fort III (Floating Face)

This is also known as craniofacial dislocation caused by a blunt force to the nose bridge or upper jaw. This leads to a horizontal fracture of the nose bridge between the eyes all the way to the cheekbones.

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Le Fort Fracture Treatment

The only way to treat Le Fort Fractures is through surgery. Since facial fractures are life-threatening, the patient’s vital signs must be stabilized first before subjecting him or her to general anesthesia for maxillofacial surgery. Each fractured bone has to be fixed with screws and titanium plates to undo the displacement and stabilize them.

How Plastic Surgery Benefits Patients

Patients who survived and went under the knife to treat Le Fort fractures may suffer from disfigurement of the facial structures. This can have a negative impact on their social and emotional well-being. Undergoing plastic surgery for scars in Miami can lessen facial scarring, can help patients regain their self confidence and function better in society despite the physical and psychological trauma in their past

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