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Thighplasty in Miami

Thighplasty in Miami

Skin in the inner thigh area is comparable to skin on the inner upper arm: it is thinner and less elastic than skin in most other body areas. Because of this, skin laxity and sagging tend to appear in the inner thigh region at a younger age than elsewhere on the body. Smoothing the thigh contour and reducing the fat deposits that form a bulge at the top of the inner thigh is nearly impossible with weight loss and exercise.

Although several body contouring procedures (including liposuction and a circumferential
body lift) can make a remarkable improvement in the contour of the front, back, and outer thighs, they are less effective in reducing excess fat and skin of the inner thighs. This problem is best treated with an inner (medial) thigh lift.

If there is an excessive amount of skin laxity not only at the top of the inner thigh but also extending along the entire length of the inner thigh, toward the knees, a thighplasty may be needed to remove the skin excess.

With an inner thigh lift, the incision is hidden in the groin crease. In contrast, a thighplasty incision extends from the groin crease down the inner part of the thigh and ends just above the knees. Because a thighplasty incision is long, this procedure is usually reserved for massive weight loss patients who have a significant amount of skin laxity. The medial thigh lift procedure is appropriate for most body contouring patients as well as weight loss patients.

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