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SESPRS 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting

The 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (SESPRS) was held last June 8-12, 2019 at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, Florida. This is a yearly event hosted in June that highlights abstracts and research of society members as well as trending topics in the field of plastic surgery.

About the 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting

The Annual Scientific Meeting is one of the three meetings being hosted every year. The other two include The Breast Symposium and The Oculoplastic Symposium every January of the year.

Through these meetings, we are able to discuss the latest advancements and breakthroughs regarding various issues of plastic and reconstructive surgery. These seminars and gatherings also provide an avenue for like-minded individuals and colleagues to socialize and strengthen their bonds and networks. The bonds are extended to our families as we aim to develop a warm, inclusive, and friendly environment.

The SESPRS was established in 1958. It aims to inspire and provide a platform for plastic surgeons to “pursue the highest levels of personal conduct and professional service” through scientific research and innovation.

The society is guided by its motto “Beauty and Function.” This year’s scientific meeting revolved around “The Prism of Possibilities in Plastic Surgery.”

Dr. Zaydon’s conferences

Aside from being an active member of the SESPRS, Dr. Zaydon also took part in the 72nd Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, where he talked about “Multi-Cultural Scarring” and the 29th Annual Safety and Health Conference held in 2017.

Last September 29, 2018, Dr. Zaydon also presented the topic “Fillers and the Anatomy” before his peers and colleagues at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

About Dr. Zaydon

Plastic Surgery Institute founder, Dr. Thomas J. Zaydon, M.D. F.A.C.S, has been rendering professional expert witness and plastic surgery services in Miami, Florida area for over twenty years. In addition to specializing in plastic surgery for scars, Dr. Zaydon is also certified as an Expert Medical Advisor and often serves as an expert witness plastic surgeon. Read more about Dr. Zaydon or Contact Us.


Excerpt for the letter:

Dear Tom, 

We would like to extend our appreciation for your participation in the 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting this past week in Naples, Florida. We have all seen many changes recently with industry, healthcare and our economy, which makes it more important to have such prestigious lecturers as part of our meeting.

Our 2019 meeting proved to be another successful event and we hope you enjoyed being a part of it as much as we enjoyed having you. Camaraderie and family time are two important aspects of our summer meeting and we hope that you had time to enjoy both. 

Thank you for taking time from your busy practice to play a key role at our 2019 meeting. The Society Board and I would like to thank you for your support. 


Braun H. Graham, MD

Sarasota, Florida 




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