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Plastic Surgery Injuries – What The Attorney Needs To Know

Plastic Surgery is a medical specialty that focuses on the correction and restoration of aesthetic appearance and function.

Many people consider “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” to be one and the same, however, much of plastic surgery is not a cosmetic procedure. 

Plastic Surgery is reconstructive to address the results of a traumatic incident, such as motor vehicle accidents, burns, or lacerations.  Plastic Surgery includes many types of reconstructive interventions, such as microsurgery, hand surgery, and burn treatments.

Various Types of Reconstructive Interventions:

  • Skin Grafting
  • Hand Surgery
  • Cleft palate repair
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Mohs’ micrographic surgery
  • Reconstruction from a traumatic incident

Types of Cosmetic Surgery includes:

Plastic surgeons in the United States require a degree in Medicine (MD or DO), as well as completing 5-7 years of a residency program in Plastic Surgery, and Board Certification in Plastic Surgery would be given by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many plastic surgeons may go on to pursue a fellowship in a subspecialty of Plastic Surgery, such a reconstruction of the hand or craniofacial surgery.

The Role Of A Plastic Surgeon As An Expert Witness

Medical malpractice cases in regard to plastic surgeons usually involve negligence on the part of the surgeon. A Board Certified plastic surgeon should be able to explain the Standards of Care in regard to the proper application in a plastic surgical procedure. A plastic surgical expert witness would offer their credentials and expertise regarding a defendant meeting the Standard of Care. A plastic surgeon can opine upon whether a breach in the Standard of Care was the direct reason for a patient’s complications or medical issues from surgery.

Plastic Surgeons are vital Plastic Surgery Expert Witness in PIP cases that involve deformity or disfigurement or may require the need for reconstructive surgery, such as may be the result of burns, facial injuries, or injury to the skin. The plastic surgeon can offer expert testimony in regard to the cause and/or extent of an injury,  recovery assessment from the injury, and costs related to the plastic surgery, as well as other medical treatments that may be required.  An expert plastic surgical witness may also offer testimony in regard to the medical necessity for plastic surgery intervention and/or other treatments rendered to the plaintiff.

Because of the high cost of Plastic Surgery, and the potential of possible complications related to that type of surgery, an expert witness testimony can make a significant difference in the award given to a plaintiff.

Please Contact Our Office To Locate A Highly Qualified Plastic Surgery Expert Witness

An injury that can lead to reconstructive surgical intervention has the potential to lead to complicated legal cases. The proper expert can make all the difference in winning these types of cases. Thomas J. Zaydon, Jr., M.D. has been a credible and trusted plastic surgeon expert witness in all types of these legal cases for many years, and will work as part of your legal team from the beginning of his expert opinions and recommendations, to the very end of the decision.

In addition to being a plastic surgery expert witness, Dr. Zaydon is also certified as an Expert Medical Advisor
If you require a Board Certified expert witness plastic surgeon for evaluation, consultation, depositions, and/or trial testimony, please contact our office immediately for a consultation. 

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