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Early treatment of facial injuries. Why choosing the right plastic surgeon matters?

Humans attribute a lot of value to our faces because the face is associated with a great deal of psychological and sociological meaning. From the recognition of a friend or an enemy to the expressions of joy and pain, one’s mind has a huge appreciation for the human face. That is the reason why if a person’s face is injured or disfigured, it elicits a very strong emotional response.

Manual workers, in their everyday life, are potential candidates for trauma to the face and a significant number of facial injuries result from industrial trauma. Since no set program can cover the treatment of such injuries, emphasis should be placed on the simplest and most direct method which will provide the best outcome and the earliest return to work. 

The right approach to immediate care 

A prompt and thorough assessment of the injured worker is usually carried out at an emergency room or an urgent care center. Since trauma does not respect the boundaries of any specialty, it is the responsibility of the initial triage facility to obtain appropriate consultation whenever necessary. The attending physician should not be diverted by the most apparent injury or focus the therapy within his or her particular specialty.

“As a plastic surgeon and facial injury expert, I appreciate the importance of addressing the real and present danger associated with facial trauma. Those dangers stretch far beyond pain, emotional distress, and risk of scarring. Those must not be ignored as any strong force to the face can cause a concussion (often undetectable immediately after the accident), disrupt the airway function or affect the cervical spine. Such traumas may then may lead to devastating disabilities. 

That’s why I am always looking out for such traumas at any stage of the wound treatment process” – says Dr. Thomas J. Zaydon Jr., one of the best plastic surgeons for scars in Miami. Dr. Zaydon is an expert medical advisor specializing in reconstructive surgery of rare and complex cases of facial injuries. 

From the standpoint of physiology, medical practitioners must ensure an airway is preserved, a solid mobile jaw with functional contiguous soft tissue for normal chewing, talking, and swallowing should be strived for, and functional eyelids for protection of vision should be a goal of any doctor treating a worker who has sustained facial trauma. 

The complexities of reconstructive surgery to the face

Too often a facial injury that appears minor to the initial physician ultimately may become serious by developing a tremendous psychological problem for the patient. Therefore, facial trauma must be considered in a slightly different light than similar trauma occurring in most other parts of the body, where function is a primary concern and a repair.

In facial injuries, proper measures must be taken for the best possible aesthetic repair. Regardless of the patient’s job description, there is a natural human desire to present as normal and pleasing a facial appearance as possible. Facial disfigurement and the resulting emotional burden on an individual will markedly hinder his social, educational, and economic activities for the remainder of his or her life. Disabling physiological alterations off the facial structures often compound this problem. – Dr. Zaydon stresses. 

Inadequate primary treatment with superimposition of trauma may result in deformities that are difficult to correct, and prolong morbidity and cost for an injured worker.

On the other hand, the initial repair of a facial injury, if well-conceived and properly executed, will often yield a better final result than can be obtained by multiple procedures performed secondarily. Furthermore, additional medical expenses, disability, and unnecessary time away from work can be avoided.

There’s an undisputed need for applying sound principles of plastic surgery during the early treatment of facial injuries to obtain a successful functional and aesthetic result, as well as the injured worker’s return to duty at the earliest possible times.

facial plastic surgery miami

The right approach to complex cases of facial injuries

For over 25 years in his medical practice as plastic surgery consultant and expert medical advisor, Dr. Zaydon has been performing reconstructive surgeries, conducting peer reviews and advising in court as an expert witness. He has accepted patients suffering from skin injuries and burns resulting from gas tank explosions, pressure cooker, Nutri-bullet or Weber grill explosions. 

Such patients require a highly individual approach accompanied by undisputed leading expertise in the field. 

“In my practice, I focus on the patient and his or her long-term well-being. A correct diagnosis, right treatment plan resulting from decades of medical expertise and a follow up care are just as important as an emotional comfort throughout the treatment program, which I, as a doctor, and my team, provide to every patient. 

To us, they are firstly humans who suffered from terrible accidents. Secondly, they are patients who deserve a compassionate, delicate and caring approach” says Dr. Zaydon who specializes in facial plastic surgery in Miami, FL.

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