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plastic surgeon for burns in Miami

Trauma: Scarring and children

I am a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. I have worked at level 2 trauma centers and emergency rooms at major hospitals. I am also a father of three children. 

One of the hardest things to see is a young child going through a traumatic incident. It could be a house fire and the child received 2nd or 3rd degree burns. A car accident and the child is ejected from their car seat with facial injuries. There are unusual types of injuries such as shark bites, dog bites and “forever” scar lines that just won’t go away. 

Burn injuries caused by a liquid material, including boiling water or hot coffee, are called scald burns. This type of burn can bring immediate and severe pain, as well as serious scarring, depending on the severity. Scalding can happen anywhere, but it is commonly seen in the food and restaurant industry. 

Those scars and injuries are permanently in children’s minds when they look in the mirror. Every time they meet a new person, they will be asked how did that happen? They have to re-visit this traumatic incident often on a daily basis. This is most true on the face and hands. 

Some of the scars may be minor to you but major to them. Like a hot soup spill at your favorite restaurant and the child’s thighs are burnt with permanent scarring and the discoloration of skin is inevitable. Some of these scars turn out to be bubbled up and form a keloid. 

This child may or may not ever go to the beach or wear shorts or a swimsuit. They may want a doctor’s note not to do PE (physical education) at school because they don’t want to take a shower in the locker room. They may not want to play sports and expose their injuries to their classmates. 

There may be times when they need to see their pediatrician and may or may not want you in the room. 

Don’t despair with the technology of today, most of these scars can be erased. We just need to heal the body and try to help our children of today, so tomorrow will be a bright future for them. A proper evaluation and treatment can help lessen the severance of scars. Plastic surgery for scars is often the only way to remove/revise the scar

plastic surgeon for burns in Miami

Where to seek help when your child suffers from burn scars?

As a plastic surgeon for burns in Miami, Dr. Zaydon treats a variety of burns. He has many years of experience helping burn victims through face reconstruction and removing and reducing the appearance of scars brought by burns. Read more about Thomas Zaydon, M.D.

If you or your child have suffered a burn and require a burns expert in Miami, please contact us at (305) 856-3030. We’ll answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can make an appointment.


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