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Plastic Surgery For Facial Burn Injuries – Kitchen Appliance Explosions

Cooking is a necessary part of life. But it isn’t always safe. Kitchen appliances are often the culprits in home fires and can lead to severe burns and injuries.

Dr. Zaydon has helped patients who needed plastic surgery for burns caused by malfunctioning kitchen appliances. Many of his patients were victims of pressure cooker and mini-blender explosions.

Pressure cooker explosions

A pressure cooker is a kitchen appliance that can be used to make flavorful, fully cooked meals faster. It’s also an excellent tool for making food more nutritious, as it helps break down tough plant fibers and release natural sugars.

But while a pressure cooker has many advantages, it can be dangerous if not used properly or if the device is defective. The contents of a pressure cooker may reach temperatures as high as 250°F. If the pressure builds up and exceeds the safety limits of the pot, it can break the pot it’s in and forcefully project its contents all over the kitchen.

The increasing incidents of pressure cooker explosions lead to product recalls and lawsuits in recent years. 

What happens when a pressure cooker explodes?

When a pressure cooker explodes, the aftermath can be disastrous. It usually leaves a mess in its wake with flying food, hot liquid spillovers, and scalding steam that could burn anyone within the vicinity.

The most common injuries from pressure cooker explosions are second-degree and third-degree facial burns that often need skin grafts or reconstruction. Apart from pain and discomfort, patients also have to deal with disfiguring scars long after the wounds have already healed.

Mini blender explosions

A mini blender is a compact and handy high-speed blender for making smoothies or sauces. They have come under fire in recent years. Several users have claimed that one of these kitchen devices badly burned their faces after it unexpectedly exploded while in use. 

In 2017, 22 lawsuits were filed against mini blender maker Capital Brands for causing serious injuries on their hands, neck, and face, including burns and lacerations. In July 2018, Capital Brands was also accused of violating several consumer laws in a 64-page court document

Since then, the number of lawsuits against the company has piled up while the cases of plastic surgery for burnt faces have also surged. 

Why get plastic surgery for a burnt face?

Plastic surgery for facial burns, which is usually performed by a team of plastic surgeons, is normally divided into two procedures: primary and secondary reconstruction.

Primary surgery aims to facilitate the healing of the patient’s wounds from the burns. A secondary surgery, also called reconstructive surgery, is necessary to improve the outcome of the primary procedure. 

While plastic surgeons can be a part of the burn team from the beginning, their expertise is usually more important for the secondary surgery. Apart from improving the cosmetic appearance of the burnt face, plastic surgeons also need to restore normal function and alter scar tissues that formed after the injury has healed. 

As a result, burn victims usually form a longer professional relationship with their reconstructive plastic surgeon than any other doctor because scar revision and scar removal can take several months to years.

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Benefits and Risks of Plastic Surgery for Facial Burns

For full disclosure, plastic surgery does not always completely remove the scars resulting from the burn, but it will help make the scars a lot less visible. It can also correct any problems that might arise since facial scarring can affect the eyelids, lips, nose, and hair. If the scar covers a large area, it could restrict muscle movements around the face.  

In some cases, plastic surgery for facial burns might require skin grafting, where a thin layer of skin from another part of the body is used to restore the injured area. 

As with any type of surgery, the risks of plastic surgery for treating facial burns include the recurrence of the scar and the formation of keloids. The scar could also darken when exposed to too much sun while healing, which means they need more revisions in the future.

Where to get plastic surgery and facial reconstruction?

If you are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon who can improve the appearance of your burn scars, you may want to consider the expertise of Dr. Thomas Zaydon. He specializes in reconstructive surgery and has decades of professional experience treating burns of varying severity for functional and aesthetic reasons.

Dr. Zaydon offers various types of plastic surgery procedures, including:

Dr. Zaydon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Zaydon serves as an expert witness on liability cases around the country. 

Dr. Zaydon offers different techniques for scar removal,  so your options are not limited. For inquiries, Contact Us. 

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