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How Plastic Surgery can Help Hand Burn Patients

A small burn on the skin can often leave scars that take longer to heal and restore. But imagine someone whose hands have been severely deformed and disfigured after a tragic burn accident or injury and you’ll understand why plastic surgery of burned skin is a necessary procedure for these burn patients. 

According to the American Burn Association, 96.8 percent of burn patients actually survive their harrowing ordeal. However, many of these patients will have to live with life-long scarring, chronic pain and discomfort because of their acquired and unwanted deformity. 

Living With Hand Burn Deformities

According to Dr. Zaydon, a burn specialist doctor Miami, the hands are most susceptible to contracture deformity after a burn incident. This refers to a chronic loss of mobility, function, and structure since a contracture may affect the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

In some cases, the contracture of the hand may turn into a major disability that will require several reconstructive surgeries. Thus, many burn patients need to adjust to the way their hands appear and function after the injury. 

Needless to say, this adjustment process can be most challenging physically and mentally. Studies show that patients with hand burn deformities develop a negative body image. As well as having to come to terms with the disfigurement and disability, they may also experience rejection and isolation from other people.

Reconstructive Surgery Hand Burn Deformities

While reconstruction and plastic surgery of the burned skin may not completely restore the injured hand to the way it was before the burn happened, it can still help improve the patient’s quality of life. For one thing, since the hands are always exposed, the plastic surgeon may perform reconstruction procedures to improve the appearance of the injury, with which the patient can be comfortable.

Plastic surgery may also bring back the hand’s ability to grab, grasp, and grip objects or perform a range of motion by making the joints more flexible. For some burn patients, further plastic surgery may be necessary to correct tissue components or scar tissues that make it impossible to use the hands. It might be necessary for the plastic surgeon to perform skin replacement as well. 

Following the surgical procedures, burn patients must continue with physiotherapy to fully benefit from the restoration. Since the scars may contract, physiotherapy performed several times a day can prevent this from happening. 

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