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Here’s How Scar Revision is Changing the Lives of Airbag Facial Injury Victims

Do you know that airbags deploy at a rapid speed? It inflates in 1/20th of a second, which can be literally comparable to the blink of an eye, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. Airbags are installed in cars to save lives and protect passengers but it may also cause facial injuries during a car accident.

Airbag injuries are declining because of the latest innovations and technology, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). However, when passengers or drivers sit too close to the steering wheel, then they are still vulnerable to facial disfigurement, lacerations, and scars once the front airbags inflate.

Scar revision – facial plastic surgery Miami

Facial injuries are still a tragic outcome for car accident victims. The scars are not just a physical reminder of the trauma of what happened to them. The scars also change their appearance, which can be an emotional burden for victims. It affects their self-confidence and self-esteem and, in some cases, the quality of their lives as the scars become the very facial feature that defines and opens them to ridicule and stares. 

Recognizing the negative effect of facial scars, our expert scars-from-car-accident plastic surgeon in Miami aimed to improve the quality of lives of patients through plastic surgery. If living with a facial scar prevents a person from becoming sociable, then a scar revision surgery can do wonders. 

Scar revision is a type of plastic surgery procedure that makes the scars on the face a lot less visible. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, scar revision doesn’t completely erase the scar but it can improve its appearance, especially for someone with facial skin discoloration, clusters of scars, keloids, or hypertrophic scars as a result of the airbag injury.  

According to experts in facial plastic surgery in Miami, this procedure is highly individualized. It can be as minimally invasive as laser therapy or a chemical peeling solution, or it can also be an extensive and laborious surgery that will bring long-lasting outcomes.

Scar Revision, Appearances and Restoring Function

The main purpose of a scar revision procedure is to correct a bad-looking scar and improve a person’s appearance. However, there are also cases where the scar prevents the patient from moving the face. If the victim can’t smile, show emotions, or move the head properly then this facial problem needs to be corrected with scar revision surgery. 

Dr. Zaydon, a plastic surgeon who understands the nuances of the skin and how significant both function and aesthetics are, has years of experience in performing this corrective surgery.  Healing and recovery time for this procedure takes about one to two weeks, depending on the degree of the scars.

About Dr. Zaydon – scars from car accident plastic surgeon in Miami

Dr. Zaydon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Zaydon serves as an expert witness on liability cases around the country. He has reviewed many cases and has served as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defendant.

Dr. Zaydon offers several ways to remove a scar so your options are not limited. For inquiries, Contact Us.


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