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Dr. Zaydon’s Nomination for Workers’ Compensation: Patients With Courage

Dr. Zaydon received a call to treat a woman in 2014, due to a catastrophic work-related accident that occured on February 11, 2011 at the age of 19. Due to the HIPAA privacy rule, we will be talking about this patient without using her real name. Let’s call her Meg.  

Four days before her 20th birthday, Meg was crossing the street and was struck by 2 cars. One of the cars dragged her underneath the car. Meg suffered the following grave injuries, such as:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • had parts of her stomach and intestine exposed
  • broke both shoulder blades (nerve bundle in shoulder), leaving her left arm contracted 
  • broke both arms
  • punctured both lungs
  • broke several ribs
  • ruptured her spleen
  • lacerated the kidneys
  • perforated the bowel (giant hernia)
  • broke several fingers
  • fingertip injuries, which turned black and she nearly lost them
  • fractured her pelvis
  • broke both legs in two places, requiring bilateral fixators
  • broke both ankle and multiple toes, which almost required amputating her feet

She was in a coma for a week and in the ICU for three months, with three more months of inpatient care, which included rehab at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Following this, she did outpatient physical therapy for approximately four years.


The aftermath: injuries, symptoms, treatments

Meg now has a neuroplastic bladder as a result of this accident. She has had an estimated 43 surgeries over the past several years, including inpatient bedside procedures at the time of her hospitalization.

She has been Dr. Zaydon’s patient for a long period of time.

Meg’s personality changed due to a frontal lobe damage. She had been a very social person prior to the accident, but is now quite quiet. If she is in a room with more than two people at a time, she finds it very difficult to cope. She is fine, however, in a medical setting.

She suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. She has multiple issues, including but not limited to vertigo and pseudobulbar affect. These afflictions will never be gone, as she suffers from permanent nerve damage.

When she initially arrived at my office, she came by stretcher, unable to walk. She wore a neck and back brace. She later came to her appointments in a wheelchair, then later with crutches, and now she uses a cane”, says Dr. Zaydon.

Surgical procedures have been performed, including orthopedic/neurosurgery (Dr. Kester Need), general surgery (Dr. Joseph Habib, University of Miami), and multiple talented healthcare providers.


The turning point

Dr. Zaydon really changed this unfortunate patient’s life from smoking to non-smoking, from no exercise to daily exercise, from drinking four mountain dew sodas and eating potato chips daily to drinking water and becoming a vegetarian.

She was obviously depressed, and at one point the adjuster sent her to the Humane Shelter to pet kittens and dogs as part of her therapy, as well as to get her out of the house. She moderately volunteers at a convalescent home in town.

She has undergone numerous physical therapies, speed therapy, cognitive therapy, and occupational therapy.

As of August 2021, she was cleared to drive a vehicle, legally licensed to drive with her feet.

Her plan is to get married on April 20, 2022 and be able to walk down the aisle without the use of a cane.

Meg’s story of courage and recovery highlights the importance of bravery and quality medical care to every patients’ life. 


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