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Thomas John Zaydon MD FACS

Dr. Thomas J. Zaydon, newly-minted Ameriburn member

Dr. Thomas J. Zaydon, a distinguished figure in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, is a new member of the American Burn Association (ABA). Dr. Zaydon’s expertise and dedication to advancing burn care have earned him this esteemed recognition within the medical community. With a career marked by pioneering contributions to the treatment of burn injuries, Dr. Zaydon’s election underscores his commitment to improving patient outcomes and furthering research in burn care.

As a newly elected member of the American Burn Association, Dr. Zaydon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization. His appointment not only highlights his professional achievements but also signals a continued commitment to collaboration and innovation in the field of burn care. With Dr. Zaydon’s expertise, the ABA is poised to make significant strides in advancing burn treatment protocols and enhancing the quality of care for patients across the nation.

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