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4 Reasons Why Facial Burns are Dangerous

Burn injuries may vary from the most minor to severe and debilitating. These are classified based on the depth and the scale of the skin damage. A facial burn, however, is usually considered severe because of the risk of complications, especially in the respiratory system. 

According to Materia Socio Medica, patients with facial burns are immediately checked for scorched nose hairs that may compromise the airways and cause respiratory problems. Aside from this complication, here are other reasons why facial burns are dangerous.  

1. A facial burn may cause the voice to change. 

A burn victim’s voice may change following a facial burn injury because the victim might have inhaled substances that caused harm or affected the soft tissues in the respiratory system. Experts call these laryngeal burns, which occur in 30 percent of burn victims. Unfortunately, this may cause a long-term voice disorder that may require extensive treatment.

2. Facial burns can distort the structure of the face.

Pain, swelling, and deformity follow after a facial burn injury. In some cases, the potential for facial disfiguring is high and can lead to lifelong physical impairment even while the wounds heal.

Caring for the facial burn can either be conservative or operative, depending on the extent of the burn. Severe cases would require burn victim face reconstruction to repair the injury.

3. Facial burns can lead to infection and sepsis.

Facial burns, no matter how small, can be life-threatening as the burn may be causing an infection and sepsis, or the presence of disease-causing microorganisms in the tissues. If the burn victim is not feeling any pain, the nerves in the deeper layers of the skin tissue may have been destroyed.

4. Facial burn care’s outcome is not just physical but also psychological.

According to our plastic surgery consultant, the challenge of caring for facial burns is not just in the physical aspect as the wounds can also be critical to the patient’s self-esteem. Ultimately, the burn victim face reconstruction is meticulously planned because any patient will want a functional but optimally aesthetic result. 

A study in the Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters shows that many burn victims suffer from social anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and poor quality of life, especially those with visible scars in the head, neck, and face. 

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