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Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon – 3 Ways a Plastic Surgeon can help in the Work Comp Arena

When you think of plastic surgeon, your first thoughts are probably about nose jobs, face lifts, and breast augmentation. Perhaps the last thing on your mind is a ‘workers compensation plastic surgeon’ – in other words, a plastic surgeon who can help with workers’ compensation cases. Believe it or not, plastic surgeons are increasingly requested to assist with work comp claims in several ways. This article will talk you through 3 of them.

1. Cuts / lacerations

Let’s imagine a postal worker who gets bitten by a dog which is a little too keen on protecting his owner’s property. Or a kitchen chef cutting his hand while chopping vegetables. Both of these examples would be considered work related injuries, as they happened while the employees were performing their jobs. Depending on the depth of the bite and cut, they may both leave permanent scarring. But should the employee have to endure this visual reminder for the rest of their lives? According to most workers’ compensation adjusters, the medical costs of removal of scarring – which was sustained during work – are covered. But who can remove this scarring? Yes, you guessed it – workers compensation plastic surgeons.

2. Auto-injuries (if work related)

If you are in Florida, you would be forgiven for thinking that all medical expenses for work-related auto injuries are covered by the $10,000 PIP law. And yes – the majority of patients who suffer injuries sustained in an auto accident do make use of this law. However, if the patient had the accident while driving as part of their job (for example, a truck driver), then this can – and usually is – covered by their workers compensation insurance. But where does a workers compensation plastic surgeon come into this? Well, car accidents often involve facial injuries. For example, breaking your nose on the steering wheel and/or airbag, or cuts from broken glass. A broken nose – and lacerations (as mentioned above) – can leave permanent visual damage to the face. And this is where a plastic surgeon comes in. He/she can return the patient to his/her original appearance (or as close as possible), thus fulfilling the purpose of workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

3. Workers Compensation Independent Medical Evaluations / Expert testimony

In the medical industry – as in any industry – people often have different opinions. For example, following a work related car accident, one plastic surgeon may believe that the patient requires nose surgery, whereas another plastic surgeon may deem it unnecessary. In cases such as this, which surgeon should the adjuster believe? Luckily for the adjuster, he/she has a third option. He/she can ask for an Independent Medical Evaluation from a third party (objective) plastic surgeon who is deemed to have significant experience and qualifications to make a final opinion on the case. If a case is litigated and has gone to court, this opinion is usually provided by an Expert Medical Advisor.

Where can I find a good workers compensation plastic surgeon in Miami?

There are many cosmetic surgeons in Miami, but not many who are experienced with workers compensation. There are even fewer who have experience with workers compensation and who are listed on all of the Florida workers compensation networks, plus are credentialed as an Expert Medical Advisor. One such physician is Thomas Zaydon, M.D. Dr. Zaydon has been treating workers’ compensation patients – and providing expert medical testimony (including Independent Medical Evaluations for Workers’ Compensation cases) for many years. As a result of this, he is now considered to be one of the most recognized workers compensation plastic surgeons in Miami, as well as in Florida and even nationally.

For Dr. Zaydon, assisting with work comp cases is not just work, but also something he enjoys. In his own words:

“I totally enjoy working with worker’s compensation patients. They know we are trying our absolute best to repair their injury and get them back to work. I have been so lucky to meet so many incredibly nice hard working people. I love when they come to our office with one appearance and change for the better in any or all of the following: happier attitude, improved appearance of their injury, even eating healthier and exercising. We encourage our patients to bring their loved ones with them at the time of the visit so they can ask any questions about how to help with their care.”

Read more about Dr. Zaydon and his role as a Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon.

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