mystery person -

While getting my makeup done, the artist commented that I should see a dermatologist since I had a suspicious reddish nodule slowly forming on my lower eyelid. At the dermatologist, they decided to biopsy the area and Basal Cell Carcinoma was discovered. I spent the entire morning having the dermatologist remove the tissue (a total of three times) until the margins were clear. Since it was a complex area so close to the eye that needed to be sewn, the dermatologist recommended Dr. Zaydon who is qualified to repair such a delicate area. At his practice I was treated the same day with compassion and care. I appreciated being seen in such a timely manner. The results were nothing short of amazing! The area healed so well that it appears that nothing had ever happened! I was afraid the incision would seem perceptible, but each stitch was placed so precisely by Dr. Zaydon that the natural shape of my eye was maintained without any noticeable scarring! My eye has now completely healed. I would highly recommend Dr. Zaydon and his staff to a friend, family member, or another patient.

Veronica D. July 27, 2018