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I had a wonderful experinece with Dr.Zaydon @ Lori talented and skilled surgeon. I feel only right with time after recovery my pictures are used for before and after. You have to be very realistic with results and what you put in to lose weight to look your best before & after surgery. Proper preparation is very important on the patience side. Dr. Zaydon removed my Drains today & performed my first surgery alone. He is a great doctor & Dr.Mdonald I call them the Magicians! I’m already in my Maximum Security Garment!! Feel wonderful and can not wait to get cleared for the gym to go back to back to Spinning! Good Luck! Take care of your body it’s the only one you have and your recovery as well as final result is up to you. Take care of yourself. I’m glad he’s very cautious and safety is important to him.

Jackie L. March 15, 2018