The best!

mystery person - The best!

I was a PT of Dr Zaydon JR and he was my savior and it has been 20 years and a great surgery! 

Peter B. February 13, 2019

Big hug to Dr. Z!

mystery person - Big hug to Dr. Z!

Dr. Zaydon and Lori, I want to say thank you both very much! Each day I feel better after the surgery. The scars are diminishing. I love you guys and give a big hug to Dr. Z! 

Erick D. December 14, 2018

VIP treatment!

mystery person - VIP treatment!

I won the jackpot with my worker’s compensation plastic surgeon doctor. VIP treatment!

Air Crew November 7, 2018

mystery person -

Lori, thank you and Dr. Zaydon for your compassion and expertise teamwork. Your special attention is well appreciated. I’m doing great and feel more comfortable with the upcoming results as the sutures are now removed.

S. September 4, 2018

mystery person -

It has been a very pleasant experience meeting you and Dr. Zaydon. I really appreciate your efforts and attention. Blessings.

R.G. September 4, 2018

mystery person -

Thank you! You guys are awesome! Dr. Zaydon was very kind. He made me feel completely comfortable and took away all worries I had about the surgery.

P. September 4, 2018

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Thank you Lori!  Tell the doctor He’s the best! You guys have an amazing office and your patient relations are absolutely the best I have experienced in South Florida!! Efficient, Kind and Down to Business!!! I will Highly recommend Dr. Zaydon and your office!!!!

E.D. August 31, 2018

Thank you, Dr. Zaydon

mystery person - Thank you, Dr. Zaydon

The level of professionalism, medical expertise and care is so much better than anything I have ever experienced from healthcare professionals. Your entire team is exceptional!!! 

J. A. June 1, 2018

Tummy Tuck!

mystery person - Tummy Tuck!

Dr. Zaydon did an amazing job on my tummy tuck & hernia / muscle repair! I feel and look amazing. The procedure went smoothly. I’m still a bit swollen. Its normal. My husband loves the results. I cant wait for the summer! South beach ready thanks to Dr. Zaydon. Lets not forget about his amazing staff and their professionalism. Lori is the best. She makes sure everything is ran smoothly. Corina is also a great help she is very informative and helpful.

josie2222 - RealSelf User March 15, 2018

Amazing Doctor

mystery person - Amazing Doctor

Dr. Zaydon is number one. I would reccomend him to anyone who has keloids. I am very happy with my results. He removed two keloids the size of an egg off of my face. I am now way more confident with myself.


Waziri123 - RealSelf User, 3 March 2018 March 5, 2018