The Rhinoplasty Center at the Cosmetic Surgery Institute was founded in 1984- providing consultations and personalized cosmetic surgery for more than 16 years. The Institute is known for it’s dedication and personal approach in helping patients achieve a pleasing, natural look of their nose to correct changes due to accident, heritage, age or disease. Recently, we have had great success utilizing your own fatty tissues to rebuild nasal structure.

Total patient care is performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. The surgery is personalized in accordance with patient’s facial anatomy and objectives. With realistic expectations, rhinoplasty can offer significant aesthetic and psychological benefits, with both social and economic advantages.


An individualized approach is needed to bring your nose into proper harmony with your other facial features.


  • Reduce the overall size of the nose.
  • Narrow the nose.
  • Reduce bumps on bridge.
  • Shorten the nose.
  • Reduce size of the nostrils.
  • Rebuild the nasal bridge.
  • Improve angle between the nose and upper lip.