Lip Lacerations

The lips are a highly visible facial structure used in speech articulation, food consumption, and tactile sensation. Because of their prominent location on the face, lacerations of the lips can be cosmetically deforming, but Dr. Zaydon with be able to specifically create a plan to repair your lips after a consultation. He knows that careful repair is necessary to ensure the best cosmetic result and patient satisfaction. The approach in repair depends largely on location and type of injury.   

What Should I expect?

The vermilion border is the edge of the lip where the red part of the lip ends and the white skin begins. It is vital to realign the vermilion boarder meticulously to prevent noticeable notched irregularity. It is very important to realign the lips to the original placement.

The upper lip and the skin between the upper lip and lower eyelid are innervated by the infraorbital nerve on either side. The lower lip, gums, and skin between the lower lip and chin are innervated by the mental nerve.

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