Facial Nerve Damage

Injury to nerves can be quite devastating, as it results in a visible deformity and difficulty with eye protection, speech and eating/drinking.  The treatment of facial nerve paralysis involves a number of considerations, including the cause of the nerve injury, the state of the neurons and nerve itself, and the functional impairment to the patient.

Recovery of the facial nerve is dependent upon a conduit for the nerve to regrow.  This conduit is the ‘shell’ of the nerve that existed prior to injury.  Recovery is usually first noted by improvement of facial tone.  This is seen as the face, while not moving much, simply appears more ‘lifted’ or ”tighter’ on the affected side.  Over time, twitches and finally voluntary movement may return.

In some cases, the nerve is severed due to accidental trauma or surgical removal of tumor.  If the nerve ends are easily re-attached, a repair of the nerve can be performed.  This repair allows the severed nerve endings to regrow and ‘find’ their way back to the necessary targets.

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