Earlobe Repair

Earrings are intended to accent our appearance, add playfulness to an outfit, and generally enhance certain aesthetic aspects of our personalities. These goals become impossible to fulfill when we are dealing with torn or outstretched earlobes, both of which can occur as a result of wearing heavy or large earrings.

Earlobe repair is recommended for those whose earlobe has torn or stretched to the point that the earlobe has become disfigured. Damage to the earlobe often occurs in men or women who regularly wear heavy earrings that pull the skin of the earlobe down.

Prevent A Torn Earlobe

  1. Avoid wearing heavy earrings for a prolonged period of time.
  2. Remove earrings during intense activity, or at the hair salon.
  3. Be aware of children who may grab your earrings.
  4. Don’t allow young children to wear large, dangling earrings.

In recent years, a trend has emerged—people are using tapers to stretch their earlobes. This tendency has caused an increase in the popularity of earlobe repair. Injuries to the earlobe may also be caused during accidents, especially when wearing large earrings and talking on the phone or playing with children.

How Earlobe Repair Works

Your earlobe repair can be performed in an office setting and will most likely last less than one hour. Using a local anesthetic, Dr. Zaydon will stabilize the earlobe and remove any skin surrounding the split to create a clean edge. He will then stitch the ear back together to create a smooth surface.

The earlobe repair procedure is quick and relatively painless. The results, in most cases, create an aesthetically pleasing earlobe. Sutures will be placed into the lobe and removed within two weeks.