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Can plastic surgery remove scars? How can plastic surgery remove scars?

Plastic surgery for scars Miami – Scars can be undesirable for several reasons. Obviously, from a visual perspective, they can create a certain amount of self-consciousness, especially if they are in a very visible location, such as the face. They may also have some physical symptoms, such as itchiness or pain. But enough about the problems…can anything be done? Can scars actually be removed?

Can plastic surgery remove scars?

The answer is “yes, but not entirely.” Plastic surgery can reduce the size of a scar, however it cannot totally remove it. This is because the process of removing a scar cannot return the skin to its original state. A scar – by definition – is permanent damage to the skin following an injury or surgery.  However, procedures are constantly improving, so the degree to which scars can be made less noticeable are increasing year-on-year.

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How can plastic surgery remove scars?

There are many different ways to remove scars. Here is a list of the procedures you may wish to consider:

  • Chemical Peels. If your scar is not too deep – that is to say only affecting the upper layers of the skin – then this may be a suitable procedure. It works by causing the epidermis to peel off, so in effect exfoliating the skin. Then new skin will grow back, ideally leaving the scar less noticeable than it previously was.
  • Filler Injections / Soft Tissue Fillers. This procedure is considered most appropriate for indented scars. In other words, scars which do not stick out, but instead are indented into the skin. Collagen or other suitable fillers are used to literally ‘fill the indentation’, subsequently raising it to the level of the rest of the skin, thus making it less noticeable.
  • Dermabrasion. Similar to chemical peels, this procedure is most appropriate for scars which are not too deep. The process, similar to exfoliation, uses a dermabrasion machine to remove the top layers of the skin (where the scarring is), subsequently leaving the undamaged lower layers of the skin, resulting in a ‘polished’ or untainted appearance.

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