Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon

What is a Workers Compensation Plastic Surgeon?

A workers compensation plastic surgeon is a plastic surgeon who is able to treat and/or evaluate injuries which have occurred as the result of an accident sustained at work and which requires a plastic surgeon for treatment, surgery, or an expert medical opinion.

Dr. Zaydon in his role as a workers compensation plastic surgeon

Dr. Zaydon has been affiliated with Workers Compensation patients for well over 20 years. Most procedures are performed in our in-office surgical suite and the patient is returned to work as soon as possible. The case managers, nurses and employers enjoy working with Dr. Zaydon because he communicates via cell phone/e-mail and gets the patient to return to work with the least amount of days off. Dr. Zaydon has had the opportunity to work with large and small group employers. Most recently Dr. Zaydon has incorporated the laser in his treatment of reduction of scar tissue. Dr. Zaydon - one of the best workers compensation plastic surgeons in the country -   recently spoke at the workers compensation convention in 2013. The presentation was well received and was invited back in 2014. Dr. Zaydon is on the majority of workers compensation provider panels. Most procedures can be performed in our Florida accredited operating room.

What types of work related injuries require a plastic surgeon?

The following work related injuries may require the treatment, surgery, or expert medical opinion by a plastic surgeon experienced with workers' compensation cases:
  • Burns
  • Nasal fractures
  • Facial fractures
  • Open wounds
  • Wounds that will not heal
  • Soft tissue hand injuries
  • Skin ulcers
  • Scars
  • Changes in skin color from accidents
  • Post-traumatic deformity
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