Ear Wounds

Simply put, an ear wound is a cut of the ear. The injury can involve only the skin or be more complicated by injury to the underlying cartilage. If the cartilage is damaged it will need to be repaired to achieve the best cosmetic appearance. Ear lacerations are commonly encountered from trauma, often related to sporting injuries or animal bites. Expedient wound care and closure ensures the best outcome. Treatment may include simple cleaning and bandaging of the laceration or repair with sutures ("stitches"). If the cartilage is involved, absorbable sutures are placed in the cartilage to repair the defect. Complicated ear lacerations may require plastic surgery. Ear lacerations should be repaired within 12 hours to prevent infection. While waiting for treatment, the laceration can be cleaned with running water and covered with gauze or a clean cloth. Pressure on the wound can be applied to stop bleeding. If the bleeding is profuse consider calling 911. A tetanus shot may be recommended, depending on when the last vaccination was received. Call The Cosmetic Institute of Miami today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zaydon today!